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Entry #2

The Spoonacaust

2009-04-02 19:10:04 by Alias117

Yeah, I have no idea how many people even really look at my page anymore on Newgrounds, but I figured I might as well put the information up here too, just in case! I have recently joined a *very* amateur film group known as Infinit Alias Productions. We have made a few movies that weren't really anything special, and they're on YouTube, but that's not too important. However, we've just made and released a brand new movie, The Spoonacaust. You see, the movie is actually a remake of a movie I did when I was 13, done entirely with spoons. Due to the overwhelming response from my school to this video I put it on YouTube and it's available at our website Infinit Alias. So if you would like to check it out then please do so!

Okay, now to the point... Newgrounds is an amazing place just filled with talented people, and I'm just here to casually ask for a little bit of help on the second spoon movie (which will be MUCH better than the first one). Basically, we just need some general things, such as a good promotional image or promotional flash game, and before you ask, yes, everything on the site is free, so its not like we're going to steal your hard work and then sell it as our own. I just wanted to know if maybe someone would be interested in helping us. If so, please pop over to the aforementioned website and drop us an email. Well, thanks for taking the time to read this!



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