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Lensallor Strikes!

2007-11-29 01:36:17 by Alias117

Hey, Alias117 here and I just wanted to let everyone out there that might possibly care know that I am currently working on a big project called "Lensallor Strikes". This is technically the second RPG game I've made, but the first was so terrible that I refuse to really acknowledge that it even really exists as a completed game. This game is being made in Visual Basic 6 and no, it's not 3D and it doesn't even have sprites that you can move around. Why you ask? Simple, because I don't really feel like trying to implement DirectX 10 into the project and running everything from there, and the only reason I don't do that is because this game was originally being made for some friends who liked old-school RPGs that offer a good story rather than shiny graphics. Right, well anyway, I need music and I need some good background pictures (I'll list locations further down), so if anyone can perhaps turn me on to something you think has the essence of the title I would be really grateful and your name would appear in the credits with whatever you helped me with. And before anyone gets upset about royalties and such let me clarify this game is freeware!

Right, allow me to move onto the locations so anyone who feels like helping me may do so...

Kanaraki Village
Barana Village
Clara Village
Maki Village
Tala Village
Maran Village
Klaz Village
Nahlm Village
Trana Village
Valor City
Winger City
Trent City
Grolm City
Kalan City
Frel City
Leman City
Trevor City
Contrez City
Castle Skrygor
Castle Hanler
Castle Grismak
Castle Tryle
Castle Lemz
Castle Valmand
Castle Nelmer
Castle Zanzit
Castle Welberdon
Lake Mina
Lake Manz
Lake Helman
Lake Ruzt
Lake Tren
Lake Fallen
Lake Mansif
Lake Clamet
Lake Kanaraki
Ice Mountain
Fire Mountain
Death Mountain
Sky Mountain
White Mountain
Hate Mountain
Scar Mountain
Life Mountain
Klan Mountain
Damiscus Province
Leena Province
Tryle Province
Catrz Province
Lemt Province
Caza Province
Frel Province
Zan Province
Malg Province
Mage Range
Bowman Range
Ghost Range
Fire Range
Ice Range
Hate Range
Lensallor Range
Scrythe Range
Dragonsire Range
Kama River
Tame River
Larm River
Marda River
Blezr River
Lias River
Mali River
Dami River
Dio River
Lensallor's Palace
Phoenix's Den
Item Shop
Weapon Shop
Magic Shop
Alchemy Shop
Weapon Smith Shop
Great Plains
Devil's Land
Dark Ocean
Forest Land

Phew... thats a lot, well, not really, but still, I need music for them and backgrounds for them. I am searching Google Images for results and also the audio portal, but if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. Now then, onto gameplay and such so its public...

It's a turn-based combat system with no party members. There are five main battle stats. These are Attack, Defense, Dexterity, Magic Attack, and Magic Defense. You can level up (all the way to 2,100,000,000) and you can use stat points to help beef up your character. You can make your own items with alchemy, make your own weapons with weapon smithing and make your own arrows with fletching. There is no inventory system, so anything you buy that increases a stat is permanent no matter what. There are saving and loading options and over 100 enemies. There is a main quest that has two sections to it and there are three misc. quests offered at the villages only. There are about 50 spells that you can buy and about 35 weapons, 17 shields, about 40 armors, and about 30 Magical charms for magic defense. You can get status ailments as well from certain enemy types. There are also three special enemies that can only be fought AFTER defeating the game's main boss.

Special enemy #1
Name: Danletz
HP: 1,390,000
Mana: 2,400,000
Level: 163 (No, not all level 163's are this strong)
Attack: 57,000
Defense: 58,000
Dexterity: 57,000
Magic Attack: 58,000
Magic Defense: 58,000
Gold Given (when beaten): 1,000,000
Experience given: 1,250,000
Location: Death Mountain
Type: Normal

Special Enemy #2
Name: Cross-Stitch
Hp: 3,000,000
Mana: 3,500,000
Level: 274
Attack: 73,000
Defense: 72,000
Dexterity: 76,000
Magic Attack: 79,000
Magic Defense: 71,000
Location: Scar Mountain
Type: Normal

Special Enemy #3
Name: Metranx
Hp: 5,700,000
Mana: 5,600,000
Level: 300
Attack: 80,000
Defense: 79,000
Dexterity: 83,000
Magic Attack: 127,000
Magic Defense: 134,000
Location: Dragonsire Range
Type: Dragon

Right, well if anyone wants to help me with anything then please email me your ideas and/or pictures and/or music and/or anything else. My email is . Please make the subject "Lensallor Strikes" or something so I know that it isnt spam. Thank you for your time.



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2007-11-30 20:26:54

I'm a musician and I am willing to do the background music for you. First I probably need the .exe to see what I am dealing with. Please PM my username with the .exe if you are interested.


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